Jobs in progress-updated February 25, 2011               
                                                               Over 12 years of jobs in progress, update #116 !

Greetings from Virginia, the most historic state.
All exterior finishes you see are REAL Portland cement and REAL sand and not the TOXIC SYNTHETIC (fake) junk that comes out of a bucket.
Did you know that making SYNTHETIC STUCCO finish, acrylic paint and other TOXIC building materials generates more pollution than all the car exhaust in the world ?

Stucco addition re-done
in Arlington, VA

finished stucco addition
plastic lath
Beautiful stucco addition finished.
Finish is REAL cement and sand. Color is from
Espo stucco in San Diego.

Lath and stucco installation was done about 6
years ago by someone from Maryland. It was
already falling off the wall. The plastic lath used
was brittle, and apparently deteriorated from
hot and cold cycles, like other plastic materials.
Tearing off the plastic lath was like tearing off newspaper.

EIFS replaced with stucco
Leesburg, VA

How to install EIFS
 Traditional stucco                                                                    
Flimsy EIFS garbage blows off this gable.
We replaced it with REAL stucco. I guarantee
it will never blow off.


Color finish on Gable.


Fallon, Myers and Marshall Building
Warrenton, Virginia

Old plaster torn off

plaster replaced
BEFORE: Old lime plaster suffered from effloresence, due to excess humidity in this basement. Plaster was torn off and replaced with cement plaster.
AFTER: New cement plaster with a white portland cement and white sand finish.
Cement plaster is used for resistence to humidity.


Color plaster finish
in McLean, Virginia

decorative plaster finish                                                                      Decorative color plaster finish is troweled
down. We really did this two years ago,
and I never added it to jobs in progress.

It deserves it's own page, too.

Rubber plaster mold
by Proteus
Rubber plaster mold
Proteus came back to town and did a couple of cool little projects. This durable rubber mold can be used for pouring decorative stucco medallions, or can be poured with plaster and drilled through the center for a decorative ceiling medallion for a chandelier.

How this mold was made                                                              

Patch and Match

Patch that ugly ceiling now
Metal lath is put over this old wood lath and filled with molding plaster and lime. This patch is in a historic
house in Manassas, Virginia.