Jobs in progress #156

Updated January, 2019

20th anniversary of jobs in progress ! Check out my 20th Anniversary notes:

EIFS replaced with stucco
in Potomac

Flimsy EIFS is eaily scraped off in Potomac,Maryland.

Flimsy EIFS is easily scraped off using a garden spade. The people who put this on probably wear a mask to hide their humiliating shame.


Plaster repair
in Arlington, Virginia

3 big patches in 3 rainy days in Arlington, Virginia

Tape holds the ceiling up until the cavalry arrives. We did 3 big patches in 3 rainy days

Plaster repair in Arlington, Virginia

Patch is straight, smooth and the edges join flush. What more do you want ?

Patch is filled and rodded off with a 6 foot rod in Arlington, Virginia

New metal lath is put on. Patch is filled and rodded off with a 6 foot rod.

plastic curtain around the patch in Virginia

Note the plastic curtain around the patch. This avoids splatters, dust and clean up.

No tracking of plaster is allowed in_Arlington,Virginia

Plastic is taped down on the floors all over the house. No tracking of plaster is allowed.

Plaster patch and match
in Reston, Virginia

Sand finish plaster ceiling is patched. Plaster_repair_in_Reston,Virginia

Sand finish plaster ceiling is patched. The sand is gauged into the lime ring first, before the gauging plaster. This makes for a uniform finish.


The edges of the patches are scraped back before applying the finish coat. This makes sure the edges join flush.

20th Anniversary notes:

It is a thrill to present this 20th Anniversary Jobs in progress. Jobs in progress is an online chronicle of most of our jobs, since I registered my domain in January 1999.

I published my first web site, a free web site, in 1996, when a whopping 0.7 % of the population had access to the internet. I had so many hits after 1999 that people would write asking questions about plaster and stucco, thus the Stucco News was born. Stucco News is still there, even though the volume of questions has reduced a lot.

What you won't find on my site is spammy text like "free estimates", "call today" "10 % discount", etc. I always found spammy sites offensive and of little interest to me. I don't even publish testimonies, even though I have testimonies that would blow you away. My intention is to have more of an ongoing "provide information" type site than a "gimme work" type site. I receive more accolades about my site than our work.

Please cruise through my galleries: Plaster gallery, Stucco gallery, Texture gallery, and see some of our jobs we have done in the last 20 years, and even before, before the days of digital cameras.

Thanks, dear readers, for visiting my site all these years.

Reggie Bullard