Jobs in progress #158

Updated July,   2019 !

Over 20 years of jobs in progress !

Pebble Dash Kings rock
in Washington, DC

Circa 1921 stucco replaced in Washington, DC.

Bottom of wood framing and sheathing was rotted. Water sat on the stone foundation and rotted the bottom plate, the horizontal two by four that supports the wall.


Spanish texture garage and chimney restuccoed

Finish coat plaster troweled smooth

1921 blocks on this chimney were deteriorated badly.

Historic Plaster repair in Baltimore

Spanish texture matches on the money. Same as we did in 2014.

Finish coat plaster troweled smooth

Chimney gets a new cap, drip edge, and flashing.

Chimney re stucco and major repairs on this 1935 Spanish colonial house
in Alexandria, Virginia

Townhouse stuccoed in the Shaw area of Washington, DC

The official name for this style of house is Spanish colonial. Some call these adobe houses, but adobe is a sun dried mud brick.


1901 pebble dash restored
in Washington,  DC

Chimney re stucco_in_Vienna, Virginia

Stucco stripped off failing panels. Loose brick joints are filled and a scratch coat put on with our super mortar.

Chimney leaks real bad from the crown, and the flashing in Vienna, Virginia

Gravel is screened to the exact size. Mortar color is close. This is one of the few pebble dash buildings left that have never been painted

Reston, Virginia stucco and coping replaced

1901 bag stipple duplicated
in Washington, DC

Plaster ceiling replaced in Waterford, Virginia

Sorry counter flashing causes a huge roof leak..

Plaster ceiling with curve replaced in Waterford, Virginia

New counter flashing and stucco patched. Burlap bag finish matches on the money.

Yet another 1901 house
in New Baltimore, Virginia

Tent is made using plastic and tape to avoid splattering mortar everywhere

Termite damaged framing is repaired.

Pebble dash stucco is quarter inch pea gravel in Washington, DC

Texture matches on the money.

EIFS rots a house
in Ashburn, Virginia

EIFS done right in Virginia

EIFS torn off revealing severe rot.

How to apply EIFS in Virginia

Please check back. We are waiting for carpenters to fis the rot and put on stucco.

Too many more projects. I'll save some for next update. Please check back. Thanks so much for visiting my site.