Pebble dash replaced
in Arlington, VA

walls with years of patches torn down to the wood lath metal lath and scratch coat.
Old walls with years of patches torn down to the wood lath. The patches that we did that won the award included. New metal lath and scratch coat. We did the kitchen "bump out" in the back ground 4 years ago.
Kick-out flashing counter flashing
Kick-out flashing is put in to divert water into the
gutter. The old wall was patched several times
due to water damage-a simple piece of sheet metal would have solved this problem.
A view of the counter flashing we put on over the
step flashing. And the finished wall.
The counter flashing AKA, stucco stop will protect this stucco from movement of the roof.
What's wrong with the picture above? NO ROT on the wood lath or sheathing after nearly 80 years of water
damage. The stucco has been patched several times but the wood lath and wood sheathing is still in LIKE NEW
condition. The studs are protected by a thin paper painted with a thin layer of tar. I have pictures of other stucco
tear-offs that are the same-No rot after years of direct water contact. 
Ashton Heights Finished wall. Years of patches were torn off
(including ours) and the old walls look like 1925

Click here or on the picture for a bigger view.

We have done lots of work in this old neighborhood,
Ashton Heights. It's great to come back here and see our old friends.