Decorative stucco block

burner from an old gas stove made a box with plywood
This is a burner from an old gas stove, scrounged from a trash pile. You know what they say about 
about one man's trash. 
I made a box with plywood and 1-1/2" furring 
lumber. I poured in my my white portland cement and sand mix and rodded it off  flush. 
black sand I beat 
my burner into the mix
 This black sand is called "black beauty". It is a slag product. 
I mixed in some in because I thought it looks cool.
After my block set up for a couple of hours I beat my burner into the mix. I tied a stick on so Icould pull it back out.
troweled the block setting the block in place
Voila. I troweled the block and neatened it up 
a little. This is upside down. I turned the "feet" of 
my design down to create the illusion of supporting weight.
Scaffold cam shows setting the block in place. 
We drilled a hole in the back, drove a nail in the 
chimney, and hung it like a picture. We put a portland cement and sand mix  using pure flex con instead of  water  in the mortar behind  and stuck it on the  chimney. Left over mortar is packed around the sides for more support.