House renovation
Washington, DC

Kick out flashing Scratch coat finished.
Kick out flashing diverts water away from the wall. The roofers did a nice job on the
counter flashing.
Scratch coat finished
3/4" plaster stop Scratch coat on bricks
3/4" plaster stop forms a neat edge and provides relief from building movement. . Scratch coat on bricks.
Expansion groove expansion joint
Expansion groove is tooled into the brown coat with a concrete groover, using a straight 1 by 4 for a guide. You may know how much I don't like expansion joints. This one will be hidden with a decorative band. Check back to see how.
Outside corners, or arrises A stringline
Outside corners, or arrises, are formed by setting straight lumber with a string line, vertically. A stringline is used to determine the wall thickness and straighten the wall. An unusually crooked wall can be straightened by putting more mortar on.
Window returns LEFT:

Window returns are set with a string.
This is an old fashioned method, but it works.