Mrs. Cheng's house
A remodeling project in
McLean, VA
Inside of arches Arches
Inside of arches, or the "gut", is finished last. Stucco and arches go together. Arches lathed with self-furring lath. Corners 
are reinforced with "cornerite",  or pre formed 
strips of metal lath. They make a metal corner bead  for this. he beads sold here on the east coast are really made for interior work and rust and rot.
Lath finished string line used to straighten the arch
Lath finished, bricks at base covered up. Arches are stripped. Straight areas are stripped using one by fours, set with a string line. All ar set the same height. Top is stripped with a strip of masonite cut to the wall thickness. Note the string line used to straighten the arch.
Brown coat is rodded off Wall is straight
Brown coat is rodded off and inside corner straightened. Wall is straight. The arches are a uniform height 
and thickness. The spring line, or where the straight meets the round, is all the same height.
column Arched window opening
After wall sets up, strips are removed and set on wall to fill in the middle of the column. Arched window opening before siding is torn 
off gable.
aluminum siding was put on backwards Lath and scratch coat
OSB sheathing has rot because the aluminum siding was put on backwards. 
They started from the top instead of the bottom, allowing water to run into joints. 
We replaced the rotted OSB and continued on.
Lath and scratch coat on gable.
arch angled drip edge
Masonite is set on arch, and brown coat applied. After the brown coat set up, I pulled the masonite out 3/4", or the thickness or the bottom of my surround. A 2-1/2" wide piece of pvc trim is tacked on to form the top. Form on the bottom of the window is cut at an angle with a table saw, creating an angled drip edge. Here form is filled.
Finish coat counter flashing and kick-out flashing over the step flashing
Finish coat is applied to surround using the same color, 3 times the strength. We put a new counter flashing and kick-out flashing over the step flashing on the roof. 
The roof is covered with tar paper, taped down to prevent sliding. Tar paper works good to cover roofs to keep mortar off. Readers have 
written to ask how to get mortar off off shingle roofs.  The truth is, portland cement mortar doesn't come off of roofs.
The other gables have the siding torn off and stuccoed to match. gables