Spanish style courtyard
Manassas, Virginia

spanish-style courtyard You can't see the block joints
Stucco on this spanish-style courtyard torn off
and re-done.
You can't see the block joints on our jobs.
Walls stripped down to bare block.
Photo shows scratch coat applied to block.
too thin and too flat top of the wall was rounded
The reason the stucco failed is the top of
the wall had mortar too thin and too flat.
Water infiltration over the years delaminated the stucco. Patching loose areas would only look bad because the patches invariably show. A decision was made to tear off and replace all the stucco.
A view of the finished wall, on the outside of
the courtyard. Click here or on the picture for a larger view.
The top of the wall was rounded for water run-off.
chimney torn off and re-done Proteus
Top of chimney torn off and re-done.
If you have a chimney, the cap, or the top part
is critical to the life of your stucco.
The band on the chimney is a float finish,
or smoother, for a contrast, and to prevent
water from collecting.
I am thinking about changing my name to
Proteus, an artistic name. That is, Proteus,
both first and last name. Nobody would give
me a hard time with a name like Proteus.