Dulin Methodist Church
Outside renovation
Falls Church, VA

              addition is block strip the outside corners
New addition is block with one inch of cement stucco. Mynor rods of the inset inside the
The next step is to strip the outside corners,
and fill in. This defines the width of the
arch opening.
band around
              the arch Here is
              tool I made to run the band
I found this plastic at another job, in the dumpster, that was a perfect width. It bent
around the arch nicely. The surround, or
band around the arch opening is 1-1/2"
thick, with a 1 inch reveal, or space between
the back wall and the surround. Later,
the strip on the back wall will be removed,
leaving a reveal.
Here is tool I made to run the band.
More lath was nailed on for insurance that
this will never fall off, and another scratch
coat applied.
This tool will be donated to the church
archives. They still have some of the old
tools from the 1892 renovation.
Arch is
              shaping up Arch is shaping up.
It started raining real hard so I can't
get a decent picture. I hope you can see 
what's going on. I am working under a plastic

The other gothic arch
              gothic arch Scratch
              coat on metal lath
The other gothic arch is done differently. It is on metal studs, while the other is on block. Scratch coat on metal lath has set for 2 days.
Wood strips are set on the outside and masonite on the inside to form the rough opening.
This arch After the front and back wall have set
overnight, strips are set on the returns, or side areas. This arch is a lot more complicated.
It will be quite a work of art. Please come back and see more.

It sure is nice to be back home in Falls Church.