1999 "water managed" EIFS garbage torn off. REAL stucco applied.

Scratch coat on metal lath chimney safe scaffold

Here the scratch coat goes on self-furring metal lath.
Remember the rotten chimney from the last update?. Drip cap on chimney
prevents so much water from running down, prematurely deteriorating the chimney. If you have visited my site before, you have seen this is how we do our chimneys. Here, each side is stripped with straight one by fours and filled in.
A view from the scaffold shows a safe scaffold.
Planks are nailed together. Guard rails will support a minimum of 150 pounds against them.
finish coat finishing the big tower wall is straight
Here, Mynor rubs the finish coat with a rubber float. We make our own crack resistent mix of
portland and sand, colored with color from
La Habra stucco.
Finishing the big tower. What am I looking at ?
A view from the main tower looking down.
Tower is straight.
chipping abd bonding bonding coat simple sill
The old stairway had real stucco that was solid, it just looked sloppy.We resurfaced the
old stucco by first chipping the wall about every 3 inches.
A basecoat of about 1/4" is put on using pure flex-con (an acrylic admixture), instead of water. The basecoat is left rough for the finish by rubbing with a rubber float. This method provides a permanent application. We made a simple sill by bending metal flashing. The flashing is then cut to the round
shape of the wall.
sill flashing EIFS removed, stucco on
Here is the counter flashing we used  on the penthouse. Flashing is put on and overlapped with stucco. This counter flashing is critical to prevent water infiltration with snow and ice on the roof. A view of the third stair tower showing the scaffold we built in the trees.
All's well that ends well. EIFS gone, the owners don't have to worry about rot.