New pebble dash stucco house
in Chevy Chase

Chimney "shoulders" Slate is allowed to protrude.
Chimney "shoulders" are covered with slate. If you look at old stucco houses the stucco on the shoulders is usually water damaged. We have been doing our chimneys this way for a fewyears, adding longevity to our product. We got the idea from here in Chevy Chase, where a lot of the old chimneys were done this way.  Slate is allowed to protrude providing a good drip edge, protecting the stucco. The also slate adds a decorative contrast with the  stucco. The pebble-dash stucco gets painted one day, but I don't know what color.
counter flashing on the chimney nobody does pebble-dash
We did the counter flashing on the chimney ourselves. The counter flashing here was made from some real stiff pre-bent roof "apron" I found at the Home Depot in Rockville. 
Note how the top flashing overlaps the sides for good water run-off. Also note the kick-out flashing at the bottom. The kick-out flashing is tucked under the step flashing  and keeps water from running into the wall.
Back of the house showing our decorative band at the bottom. 

Who says nobody does pebble-dash stucco anymore? 

I hope to keep the tradition alive for many years to come.