Historic stucco renovation at Elk Hill Farm in Goochland, Virginia

historic stucco 
    renovation in Goochland, Virginia loose and spalling areas
Years of sloppy patches and deterioration due
to roof leaks and other sources warranted a re-stucco. Care must be given to maintain the authentic historic appearance, and provide a 
product that lasts centuries.
Photo shows loose and spalling areas on the front.
Granite stairs Original stucco was lime and river sand
Granite stairs were made using a chisel, as evidenced by the chisel marks in the stone. The window sills and sill at the water table (floor line) were cut with a granite saw.
Note the curl on the bottom step, cut with a chisel.
Original stucco was lime and river sand, apparently from the nearby James river.
Most of the original stucco had deteriorated.
Here the stucco is easily scraped off the brick with my finger.
stucco was scored to look like block Building scaffolded off
Paint peeling at roof intersection reveals the original color, and the way the stucco was scored to look like blocks. The scoring was largely obscured by multiple layers of paint. Building scaffolded off and windows covered to protect windows from falling debris and mortar.
Granite sill building with stucco stripped off
Granite sill was cut with a granite saw in the early 1800's, and is straight. Here, sill is protected by covering with a sheet of masonite. Old stucco chipped off, and awaiting new scratch coat. View of scaffold and building with stucco stripped off. The secret of the scratch coat bonding is the mortar is mixed with an acrylic bonding admixture, mixed half and half with water. More on the next update.
Elkhill, (one word) was Thomas Jefferson's
plantation Finish coat scored to look like blocks
Elkhill, (one word) was Thomas Jefferson's plantation.   Jefferson's Plantation was trashed by British troops, as an attack on Jefferson, then governor of Virginia. Jefferson had resigned as governor officially on June 2,  1781, a few days before the attack. Finish coat scored to look like blocks.
Color is made by using white portland and river sand. Check the next update to see how we did it.