Joe's house
La Plata, MD
More pebble dash stucco
finished wall pebble dash stucco house in La Plata
IA view of the finished wall shows good sill design. Sill is angled at the top and the bottom to so water runs away from house. More good sill design - a wide drip edge
around outside edge of the sill.
Stone sill is angled down Curved area accelerates the flow of
running water
Stone sill is angled down to carry water away from building. I have seen these level
on top, allowing standing water to run back into the wall.
A view of our "wash". Curved area accelerates the flow of running water away from the wall.
Also, area at the top of the sill is thicker, preventing water infiltration.
Everything is covered up pebble dash finish
Everything is covered up like someone is spraying- floor is covered with a layer of plastic then a layer of masonite. Windows, of course are covereed with tape and plastic, but also above. The goal here is zero clean up. A view of the pebble dash finish. We use the same method that was used in the 1930's.
Pebble dash splatters everwhere Large eaves also prevent water infiltration.
Note how we cover everything above with plastic. Pebble dash splatters everwhere,
and the labor of scraping off mortar is far more than the cost of the plastic.