Circa 1898 house
Adams Morgan area
Washington, DC

Stucco matches the old work Pebble mix thrown on
Leon points with pride at his new wall.
Stucco matches the old work exactly
Pebble mix thrown on, just like 1898.
wall is falling apart flashing
Old wall is falling apart due to water infiltration. Wall had several patches through the years, which showed real bad. We tore it off and replaced the whole thing. The culprit was the lack of flashing over the
wood cornice. Photo shows the new flashing we put on. Note how nice the new work matches the old.
Finished wall dashes on the pebble mix
Finished wall. Mynor dashes on the pebble mix.
Don't you wish your employees looked this
happy ?
"wash" falling debris
The area at the bottom curves out slightly to
allow water to run off. This is called a "wash".
Captain's log: star date July 2003.
Plywood deflector shields are used to deflect falling debris from the house.