EIFS Garbage torn off,
Cement stucco put on-part 2

ring and keys .Keystones are real precast keystones
Decorative ring and keys.
Cast medallion in center draws attention.
Keystones are real precast keystones.
Two holes are drilled in the back with
a hammer drill. This allows the heavy stones to be hung like a picture.
Here, stone is buttered with mortar with acrylic additives.
keystones Ring is
              filled with mortar
Bolts are screwed into wall and keystones are stuck on.
Metal lath is nailed to the ring and a scratch coat applied. This is insurance
the ring won't fail.
Ring is filled with mortar and "run" with
a pivoting swing arm.
A smaller
              ring chimneys
A smaller ring is done on the front of the house to mimic the ring in the back.
These are 6" stones. The ring in the back (above) has 12" stones.
Spark arrestors on the top of the chimneys are spray painted black to avoid rust running down and staining the chimney. The black paint also makes them more inconspicuous than shiny metal.
Metal pan at top is covered with lath and
mortar. The rocks are fake, made from
portland cement and sand. They add a nice solid masonry look to this wood frame chimney.
              on the chimney Hay is
              spread around the house
The shoulders on the chimneys are covered with flag stone. The old chimneys in Chevy Chase were done like this years ago, and  we copied the idea. Hay is spread around the house to prevent mud stains from being splattered on the wall. Real stucco is porous and stains easily.
              panel decorative
              panels on this bay window
Decorative panels are formed with lumber and filled with mortar. More decorative panels on this bay window. Note our stucco window sills.
              heat tent Finished front
A plastic heat tent is made to allow work to proceed in the cold. Finished front. Click here or on the picture for a larger view. The original  house had control joints, horizontal grooves between the floors. I didn't put them back because I like the solid look
so much better.