Jobs in progress-updated June 12, 1999

4 fancy stairway ceilings
Tyson's Corner, Virginia

white coat first ceiling Carlos trowels curve
Mynor pours lime on Mortar board
to white coat first ceiling
Carlos trowels curve.
The white spots are from lime
on my lens
crawls like a maggot Mynor crawls like a maggot
to trowel the ceiling at the
Finished plaster ceiling Finished plaster ceiling
Fancy, huh? A shot of the third one up

Plaster kitchen and dining room

Plaster Mouldings for kitchen. Plaster Mouldings for kitchen.
Mouldings for kitchen.
How I did it (doing it)
Here is the fax I got from
the architect.
I edited the fax image
with Paint Shop Pro.
First, I rotated the image
1.5 degrees to square it up.
Next, I made a scale copy
and printed out on heavy card stock. Then, I cut it out with
a sharp knife.
This is being transferred to
my metal template.
The computer saved me about
4 hours.
veneer plaster Scaffold
A view of the kitchen with the
imperial board (blue board) up.
This is all veneer plaster.
Scaffold is built out of milk crates
and planks.
dining room End of dining room
looking into kitchen.
Veneer basecoat corner bead is bent for arch and basecoat
Veneer basecoat is troweled on. Metal corner bead is bent for arch
and basecoat scratched on.
This is a special corner bead made
for arches. I plan to do the arch in
the kitchen without a corner bead
at all. Please check back to see how.
Lime and Moulding plaster Arch in dining room
Lime and Moulding plaster
mixed on the mortar board
to white coat dining room.
Arch in dining room
Still working in the
Naval Security Station,
Washington, DC
for Grunley Construction
patching plaster
Naval Security Station, Washington, DC