Jobs in progress-updated May 25, 2010
               Over 11 years of jobs in progress, update # 112 !

Jaime's house

Another satisfied customer
Old stucco removed
Jaime poses with pride in front of his new stucco. The finish is white portland and white sand. The color is "ivory" from
Expo stucco.
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Old lime and sand stucco is stripped off down to the brick.
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Stucco over old brick garage

We did the garage to match the house. The picture shows
putting on the scratch coat on the old bricks, and reworking the flashing at the top.

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Traditional stucco
for JHI Contracting
Washington, DC

Color traditional stucco
Arris strips
This old building in the Anacostia area of Washington, DC receives a well deserved face lift.

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Outside corners, (arrises), are stripped for the brown coat. This old method works. I would like to use western style corner beads (quik corner), but I haven't found anybody willing to ship them to me.
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Siding replaced with stucco
Washington, DC

Ugly vinyl siding
Before- Blue vinyl siding is torn off.
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After-Color stucco finish. Sure looks better than that cheap durn siding.
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During-Old dash on pebble stucco is exposed and re-coated.
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Aluminum siding replaced
with traditional stucco
Arlington, VA

 Aluminum siding
Aluminum siding

Picture shows the scaffold up preparing to take off siding.
PLEASE RECYCLE-Stake body truck with siding
strapped down to take to recycle. We recycle our scrap metal lath and pallets. I also pull out metal and pallets from dumpsters and trash piles to recycle. If a million other contractors did this, it would make a big difference on our planet.
Siding off, traditional stucco on

Old wood clapboard siding, under the aluminum, is covered with tarpaper and metal lath. We are almost done with this project. I'm saving the details for the next update. Please check back.

Patch and match

Dash on stucco texture

This action shot shows dash-on stucco texture duplicated
on this old 1926 stucco balcony.
We have really done a lot of patching and matching since
the last update, but I'm saving that up for the next time, too.

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