Jobs in progress-updated July 29, 2000

Plastering a new house
Wardensville, West Virginia

White coat (finish coat) White coat (finish coat)
is applied from floor to
ceiling with the same gauge
(batch) to avoid leaving
a join ( a line in the middle
of the wall).
Plastering a new house A picture of Richard
taking pictures

Re stuccoing an old house
Capitol Hill area, Washington, DC

REAL portland cement  colored finish side wall
Ta-Ta-TAAH (Trumpet sound)
Front finished with REAL portland cement  colored finish.
Remember the side wall ?
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interesting chimney Back finished showing interesting chimney

Plastering a old house
Washington, DC

Old finish coat is stripped off of foyer Finished plaster foyer.
Old finish coat is stripped off of foyer. Finished foyer just like 1927
Finished plaster foyer Another view of the foyer.