Jobs in progress-updated August 11, 2001

EIFS replaced with stucco
Great Falls, VA

Not a tiny hairline crack. Back of house showing finished color
House with REAL portland cement
finish has no cracks after 2 weeks. Not a tiny hairline crack. I have been striving for  ways to reduce or eliminate cracking in stucco on wood frame houses. We made 2 more discoveries that have paid
off, in reducing cracks.
Here's a view of the back of house showing finished color. We finished the house with white portland and white sand and sprayed the finish color with Fog Coat from LaHabra Stucco.
This is Hacienda no. X-82
jack arches and the keystones quoins
Three layers are needed to form the
jack arches and the keystones. 
(See last update).The photo shows how
the last projection is formed and metal
lath is nailed up.
The quoins are formed with 1 x4's and furring strips and filled with mortar. The Keystones are filled at the same time.
V-grooves between the quoins the quoins, jack arches and the bands
Here's a tool I made to mold the V-grooves
between the quoins.
We finished the wall with coarse sand,
and the quoins, jack arches and the bands with a fine sand to add a nice contrast.
Mynor  sprays on Fog Coat arch bands and the quoins
Mynor  sprays on Fog Coat with a garden sprayer. The fog is a portland cement
product that soaks in the cement for a
true integral colored cement finish.
A view of the front showing the arch
bands and the quoins. They will be fogged
a different color.

Plaster remodel
Arlington, VA

Round corners Plaster arch
These Round corners add an interesting effect to bay window style bump-out in this
remodeling project.
Our new plaster arch matches existing arch.
(See below).
plaster arch plaster is scored to look like ceramic tile
Here's the Existing arch. Carlos and Mynor white coat the curves. Old bathroom where the plaster is scored to look like ceramic tile.