Jobs in progress-updated January 05, 2002

Stucco balconies
Great Falls, Virginia

              balconies floating
Finish coat on balconies showing the "drip edge". The drip edge is a groove a few inches back from the edge that prevents water from running back on the ceiling. The drip edge was hand tooled with a concrete groover. My boys did a great job. Mynor floats the ceiling.

Stucco pop-up addition

              pop-up addition Color is
              fog coat from La Habra Stucco
Carlos rods off the brown coat on this fourth story pop-up addition Finish coat is white portland and sand.
Color is fog coat from La Habra Stucco

Retaining wall
Arlington, Virginia

              wall white
              portland and white sand.
The bricks on this retaining wall were removed and replaced to form a drip cap. Note how the bricks overhang the stucco and are slightly pitched down. This prevents water from running back behind the stucco, causing damage. Finished wall with white portland and white sand.
Note the weep holes at the bottom. We put
in PVC pipe to the other side of the wall.
This should allow water to run through the wall, and not behind the wall, potentially popping off the stucco.

Plaster renovation

              ceiling with plaster moulding Ceiling
Electrical demolition trashed this nice old
ceiling with plaster mouldings
Ceiling repaired back to normal
              moulding carefully removed Brown coat
              on fireplace is dead straigh
Plaster moulding carefully removed to make a template. I am making mouldings to match the original. Brown coat on fireplace is dead straight,
assuring the moulding will be straight
              doors Paper is
              put up before the metal lath
New framing for pocket doors. These are the type of doors that slide into the wall. Paper is put up before the metal lath. This
prevents mortar from falling behind the wall, interfering with the door opening and shutting smoothly.

Plaster remodel and
Milestone workshop

Plaster remodel Milestone
I tore my house up to remodel. I plan to use my house as a plaster gallery, to display a variety of plaster wall finishes, and Milestone plastered floors. It will be nice. Please check back. I went to Seattle for a workshop on Milestone products. Don Latimer poses next to the 2  counter tops we did in class. For more info on Milestone please click on the link below: 

Or read my columns in the 
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