Jobs in progress-updated June 8, 2002

Vinyl siding off,stucco on
Herndon, Virginia

lath and stucco , vinyl siding lath and stucco , vinyl siding
Many people have written to ask if we
can lath and stucco over vinyl siding.
I say, why bother ? Siding is easily torn
off, allowing room for the stucco, and
ensuring a solid surface to nail to.
The trick is to start at the top, because the siding is overlapped. For the most
part it can be ripped off with bare hands.
A view of one side of the finished back.
Micheal said the siding had to go from
his high end house.
The stucco bands are used for a decorative effect, making the wall look longer.
It's rare for us to work here in the suburbs, on new houses. The rest of the houses here have EIFS.
finish on the bands is colored portland cement and sand Bands  filled with lath and mortar
A view of the finished band.
   Joints on the 
"blocks" were made by applying tape to the brown coat, and pulling the tape before the mortar was too hard.
  The finish on the bands is colored portland cement and sand.
This was my idea. 
Bands were formed with one by fours,
and filled with lath and mortar.
Colored stucco It doesn't get better than this.
Color variations and mottling add a
rich hand done look that can't be duplicated with other materials.
Colored finish coat is white portland and sand colored with La Habra Stucco
color x86, sandstone.
I think this 1994 house has a lot of historic value. It was built for Russ
Grimm, one of the original Hogs.
If you aren't a football fan, the Hogs were the Redskins' offensive line, that dominated the NFL in the 80's and 90's

Stucco addition
Chevy Chase, MD

tile inlays white portland and sand
The tile inlays were another of my ideas, leaving my signature on this stucco addition Finish coat is white portland and sand.
No synthetic here.
I stuck the tiles to the  brown coat` I stuck the tiles to the fully cured
brown coat. The finish coat is applied 
up to the edge, securing the tiles in place.

This adds and colorful old look to this
deserving old house.

New stucco house
McLean, VA

stucco over block stucco over block
This is quality- a wood frame house with block "veneer". There is nothing better to stucco over than block. Stone work windows and roofs covered
and scratch coat applied.
This is a huge project for us. Please check back for the next update.
floats the finish coat custom stucco color
Mynor floats the finish coat with the
magic float. Mynor has done almost all
the finish floating for the last 8 years.
I'll put him up against anybody.
    One end finished, a long way to go.
Finish is white portland cement and sand colored with a custom stucco color from Merlex Stucco, in California.