United Daughters of the Confederacy
Alexandria, Va

plaster filigree Shadow box effect is made by supporting the plaster filigree with steel.
The space behind the filigree is painted a different color.
ornamental plaster. Missing plaster detail reveals wooden "fingers" supporting the ornamental plaster.
This building was built in the early 1800's by a builder from New Orleans(I think).
The plaster pilasters (columns) are covering structural wood columns, a very rarely used technique in those days. 
The structural beams are why this fine old building is in this good condition today.
medallion. Note the piece that was patched.
Maybe we will duplicate it one day.
This multi-piece ceiling ornament has an unusual floating effect, instead
of your typical medallion.
hospital This was a hospital for the Union Army when old town was occupied by union troops in the Civil War.
(The Daughters of the Confederacy say War between the states).
There was a confederate hospital down King Street, at Jahnke's Lane.
Daughters of the Confederacy Hand tooled marble fireplace has nothing to do with plaster, but it is worth showing.
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