Jobs in progress-updated January 16, 2003

Stucco replaced
Alexandria, Virginia

Stucco replaced Alexandria, Virginia The inset concrete tile shows off  the new  stucco
My inlays from the last update. Random
centering on each wall was done by centering the inlay on the left in the center of the wall, and the one one the right over the center of the window. The random centering makes  the wall look bigger.
Finish color is chablis from La Habra Stucco, and real portland cement and sand.
The inset concrete tile shows off the
new stucco, and the fact this is a solid
masonry wall.

Pebble-dash kings still rule!
stucco tear-off and replacement
Arlington, Virginia

pebble dash Arlington, Virginia
pebble dash stucco
Zoom camera shows pebble dash

stucco up close farther back
and the street view. The rough appearance
adds a soft look to the house from the
We're still the pebble-dash kings of the
Washington area.

Stucco replaced
Baltimore, Maryland

plastic heat tent A plastic heat tent is built to keep working through a cold January.

3 diesel-fuel powered heaters keep the whole
house warm. The tent has survived snow, extreme cold, and strong wind.
Will the tent fail ? Will we ever finish this
house ? Please check back.
Lath and stucco peeled The original sheathing
original sheathing is still in excellent condition Top left:

Top right:
Lath and stucco peeled down the original  1 X 12 sheathing.

The original sheathing is still in

excellent condition, more photographic
proof that stucco, real portland cement stucco, protects the wood.
welded wire stucco mesh The original lath was welded wire stucco
mesh woven into a thin paper.

We have seen this a lot on old houses,

the wood is in excellent shape without a
vapor barrier such as tarpaper or tyvek
behind the stucco.

Check back for more about this project.