Smithsonian folk life festival 2003

What a
              great arch Adobe arches
Smithsonian folk life festival. What a great arch! Too bad all these structures are torn down after the festival. Adobe arches are made by using a wooden form to lay the blocks, and removing the form after the mortar sets up. Check out the swami.
This style of building is from Mali, a country
in the Sahara desert.
              guitar pickers
Appalachan guitar pickers.

The music at these festivals is always good, and plentiful.
You may even hear types of music you have never heard.
Folk life festival, 2001(two years ago)
Life in South Texas, and the Mexican border.
              applys stucco to an adobe building almost
              pollution free brick kiln
Here a woman applys stucco to an adobe
An almost pollution free brick kiln, invented by a guy from Juarez, Mexico, using his own bricks and ground clay stucco.
A Ranchera
              band This
              Mexican artisan
A Ranchera band This Mexican artisan is just one of the thousands of things to see and do at the festival.