Jobs in progress-updated July 4, 2003

The pebble-dash kings rock

Another happy homeowner Another happy homeowner. Juan C. dashes on the pebble mix.

We're still the pebble-dash kings of the Washington area.

metal roof cap The two steps add a decorative effect
Curtis said the metal roof cap was ugly
and I had
to agree. Here I covered top
of the chimney with 
metal lath for stucco.
 The very top(cap) was finished
with amber colored mortar and amber sand.
The two steps add a decorative effect to
the chimney, as well as function for a drip.
The drip limits the water running down the
face of the chimney, deteriorating the stucco prematurely.
dashes on the pebble mix Tearing off the TYVEK and putting on tarpaper
Mynor dashes on the pebble mix.
Here's a 5 second movie clip of dashing on pebble mix:
This clip is years obsolete.
Please see pebble dash on my youtube channel.
Tearing off the TYVEK and putting on tarpaper.

Stucco addition
Alexandria, VA

Attractive stucco addition is finished New Mexico type look.
Back wall finished Attractive stucco addition is finished with REAL portland cement and REAL sand. Color is La Habra stucco "Oatmeal" .
Top right:

Curved column has a few intentional  irregularities, for a cool New Mexico type look.

Back wall finished, with decorative column
on the right side. 

Stucco at the
Smithsonian folk life festival-2003

Smithsonian folk life festival-2003 The folk life festival every year has  examples of construction techniques from other cultures. This arch was built by craftsmen from Mali, a country in Africa.

My pictures of the festival are here:

The workmanship on this arch is excellent. Stucco on adobe blocks is ground clay, and desert sand from Mali. The sand is graded from coarse to fine powder for strength and crack resistance. The wood  joists look like Santa Fe style "vigas".

David's house
Reston, VA

Reston, VA  Wall finished with white portland and white sand. You may have seen what we did in the
Stucco News.
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