Jobs in progress-updated February 9, 2007
Almost 8 years of updates !

Ron's house
Hyattsville, MD

Ron shows off his stucco addition Faux granite window surround
Ron shows off his stucco addition.


 Faux granite window surround stones are made using white portland cement and black sand. Here tape is pulled off exposing faux mortar joint.
Finish is REAL portland cement and REAL sand Finish is REAL portland cement and REAL sand, and not the fake material that comes in a bucket.
Color is #97 "pacific sand" from La Habra stucco.

Brian's house
Arlington, VA

addition in Arlington, VA chimney in Arlington, VA
Attractive stucco addition attracts attention from a long way off. Finish is, of course, portland cement and sand. Color is #81, "Oatmeal" from La Habra stucco.
 If you have visited my site before, you have seen how we do chimneys.
Metal cap is covered with lath and stucco for insurance against water intrusion.
Top is rounded for good water run off.
The ledge on the cap provides a drip edge, prevented water from running directly down the stucco, assuring our chimney will last.
addition in Arlington, VA Interesting details are these window bump-outs and ceilings.
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Judy's house
Reston, VA

plastic heat tent metal corner bead
Taking down plastic heat tent.

Our heroes work on undaunted in cold weather thanks to these plastic tents and heaters.

Here, a 1972 stucco wall was replaced.


What's left of a metal corner bead. This is why we don't use metal corner beads outside any more. These beads sold on the east coast are really designed for inside plaster.
Badly deteriorated bead is why the wall failed, at least at the corners. These were put
on in 1972. A stucco wall should last a lot longer than 35 years.

House tear off and re-stucco
Baltimore, MD

Baltimore, MD Baltimore, MD
Old lime and sand stucco was looking pretty tired. After years of sloppy patches and layers of paint, it was due to be replaced. 
House stripped down to original wood lath.