Jobs in progress-updated August 24, 2007
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Our Lady of Hope
Catholic Church
Potomac Falls, Virginia
for Scott Long Construction
Design by Kerns Group Architects

Faux stone blocks for ivy wall Faux stone blocks for ivy wall
Two colors of finish are used for this block design. Early morning shadows on the edge of the blocks create a soft appearance, like an old quilt, or a button tuft car interior.
Finish is REAL portland cement and REAL sand. The first color is 23, "Aspen" from La Habra stucco. Joints are made by using inch wide masking tape. Second color is 97, "Pacific Sand". Tape is peeled off when second coat starts to set firm.
Faux stone blocks for ivy wall A view of the mechanical enclosure.

Wall is designed for ivy to grow on. The open pores of the cement finish is ideal for the roots of the ivy.  I have had readers write to ask how to get the ivy off the stucco.
This is the reverse.
Stucco is applied directly to blocks and cast concrete.


Faux stone blocks
for T G Liphart, Inc.
Rockville, MD

Faux stone blocks
Faux stone blocks
Faux stone blocks are scored deep with a  concrete groover.
The brown coat was scored first, then the finish coat.


White portland cement and white sand is troweled fairly smooth for a stone like look and feel. Note how the steel groover marked off dark in between for a mortar appearance.


The pebble dash kings rule
Pebble dash stucco replacement
Arlington, VA

Pebble dash stucco replacement Arlington, VA Pebble dash stucco replacement Arlington, VA
Don't you HATE when your wall looks like this  ? Circa 1920 bungalow has sloppy patches as well as loose and buckling areas.
Original pebble dash stucco was lime and sand (as opposed to portland cement and sand) on wood lath.
Deserving old bungalow has new pebble dash. With new paint, house should be back to it's 1920's self. Can't you just see a model T parked outside?
Bungalow is a word from India meaning house with a porch.

Devin's house
Washington, DC

Color stucco finish Color stucco finish
Old row house brightened up with a re-stucco. Color is "Chablis" from La Habra stucco.
Diamond shape is my signature on this project. Angle accents the decorative block inlay as well as the angular roof line, creating a linear progression.

Stucco addition
in Arlington Virginia

Stucco addition in Arlington, Virginia Color will be #830, "clay", from La Habra stucco.

More about this addition on the next update. Please check back to see how we do balconies, over flat roofs, chimneys, etc.


Pebble dash stucco
for Hamilton Construction
Design by Fox Architects

Pebble dash stucco Please check back for the next progress update for more.