Color stucco window seat
Capitol Hill area
Washington, DC

Arm rest window seat.
view from the seat
Arm rest is made by laying bricks and
building up with mortar. The arm rest is my idea. It defines the seat as a window seat
and not just a block of concrete trying to hide something. The "L" return on the 
arm rest adds lateral strength and serves for
a drink holder.
Seat and top of arm rest are troweled smooth.
A view from the seat. A great semi-private spot to sit in the summer.(or whenever)
Each square has a different texture Squares were made by masking tape
This simple design has a story. Each square has a different texture. Click on the picture for a larger view(opens new window). I was fascinated by the interplay
orf the red and blue and the red and black
with the yellow stucco in these projects
which gave me the idea.(opens new window)
Squares were made by masking tape on the brown coat. I staggered the overlap slightly to appear as overlapping squares and not a linear arrow. The
illusion of projection is to add depth to the wall.
Finish mortar applied and tape pulled Finish mortar applied and tape pulled
off, leaving grooves. I originally was
going to do a border with two squares
but my design was edited by Roger
to get rid of the border and add another square.
My employees edited the design also.
They re-taped the squares and made them thicker to add more depth.
I came back the next day and mixed milestone to color the squares.