Pebble dash kings still rocking in Chevy Chase, MD

Stucco wrap Stucco wrap
Stucco wrap torn off. You may have seen my test for stucco wrap here. Another good reason to tear off the stucco
wrap is it usually isn't folded well into the corners. When metal lath is applied, it rips
the house wrap in the corners.

At least you can see through the lath to see that it is ripped. When siding rips the tyvek, you can't see it.

Stucco wrap Flashing for stucco
Tyvek stucco wrap off, tarpaper put on. A metal brake is used to bend counterflashing for the roof inter sections.
Counter flashing for stucco Counter flashing for stucco
A profile of our counterflashing. This is essential for a long term job that doesn't leak. Finished wall showing counter flashing.
Pebble dash stucco Roof scaffold
Sample board is made and approved. Roof is covered with tarpaper and tape to
keep off mortar. Wood block prevents scaffold board from creasing shingles.
Pebble dash stucco Pebble dash stucco
Maynor dashes on the pebble mix. Wall finished, plastic and tape pulled off.
Pebble dash stucco Curved area at bottom, or "wash" deflects water away from wall.