Retaining wall
Washington, DC

Badly spalled wall block and stucco.
Badly spalled wall. Loose areas knocked off. 46 year old wall is block and stucco. 
We re-did this wall for a fraction of what a contractor wanted to tear it down and rebuild it, and put on a unique finish as well.
tool I made for the curved top the top is run with my bucket tool
A tool I made for the curved tops out of a bucket. The curve on the top will allow water to run off. The original wall was flat on top, leading to it's premature failure.   A scratch coat applied using pure acrylics instead of water, adds strength and bonding
qualities to the stucco. Here the top
is run with my bucket tool.
Brown coat Custom color
Brown coat waiting for the finish coat. You know me, I just couldn't leave a blah wall.
Custom color is made by mixing acrylics and
paint colorants in a garbage can. The color mix is then mixed in to the dry mixed white portland and sand. The result is a unique color that adds my signature to this project.