Xavier and Catherine's house
McLean, VA

Tyvek torn off, tarpaper on flashing over window flange.
Tyvek torn off, tarpaper on. Additional flashing over window flange.
copper kickout flashing and counter flashing brown coat at roof line
A view of the copper kickout flashing and counter flashing on roof. Kickout flashing diverts water away from wall. The finish coat
has a nice coarse but sharp sand made from crushed quartz. 
Juan C. rods off brown coat at roof line.
arches Arches are formed
A marking gauge is made to mark off the arches over the doors and windows. Arches are formed by nailing hardwood
1 by 1's on and filling with metal lath and
cement mortar.
The second projection Keystone
The second projection, or step, is formed and filled the same way. Keystone set in design and nailed with
a brick tie at the top. Later, this area is filled.
Finish coat on back of house decorative bands
Finish coat on back of house. 
This is a big place.

A view of the decorative bands. These
are made from portland cement mortar, too,
and not flimsy foam