Stucco Videos

Stucco house
in Chevy Chase,MD

for Banks Development

                       Stucco on concrete
                           I'm saying our version of a mission finish                                 Don't you hate exposed concrete bottoms ?
                           also called a steel troweled texture                                           Mortar is permanately bonded to concrete.

     View of stuccoing house                                    mission texture                                

                   Another view                                                                                                        A close up of the texture
                                                                                                                                                I plan to have a texture page one day.

       weep screed                                    no expansion joint
                Putting on weep screeds at the bottom.                                                        Doesn't  stucco look nice without
                A string line is pulled to straighen the wall                                                    expansion joints ?

                                                                           synthetic garbage
                                                                            They put synthetic garbage on the addition
                                                                            on the nice old stucco house next door.