Color plaster finish in McLean, Virginia

corner bead
veneer plaster basecoat
Picture shows veneer plaster corner bead. It is the same size as a drywall corner bead, but has holes for mortar to key into.
Veneer base coat is troweled on and surface left nice and
rough for a good bond with the finish.

mixing color plaster
venetian plaster
Finish coat is a mixture of Keene's cement, lime and sand.  One garbage can is used to mix color
with water. Some of the liquid mix is poured in the other can and mixed with plaster.

Keene's cement is really a gypsum plaster and not a
cement. It is used here because it sets slow, allowing
large areas to be done at the same time. It can even
be troweled the next day for some cool burnishing
effects. Keene's cement has a side benefit of developing
incredible hardness.
color plaster finish
troweled color plaster
Walls are troweled with a slight texture.
Walls are troweled the next day for some nice color effects.
plaster finish
A close up of the soffits. What we are using here is as
green a material as you can get. Plaster and sand are made from rock, a resource the earth will never run out of. Plaster is completely none toxic.