Pebble Dash Stucco chimney

                                               Takoma Park area, Washington, DC

The accusing finger points to the source of the leak.
The old step flashing had pulled away from the
chimney. The flashing on the front was stuck on with caulk and had separated creating a water funnel.
There was no counter flashing on the sides.
Stucco is pulled of deteriorated bricks.
Bricks are filled and stabilized with Flex-con
in the mortar.
Fortunately the back side, or the cricket side flashing was in good shape. The flashing is copper. Most old steel flashing we find has
rusted out.

We overlapped the edge of the flashing with mortar.
The left over counter flashing from Reston was used to flash the base of the chimney and sealed. The flashing is then overlapped with plaster stop (casing bead).

The bricks are roughed up with a chipping hammer and a scratch coat applied to the whole chimney.
Our method of half and half flex-con with water is used in the mortar. The flex-con here is used for a bonding admixture, but has a side benefit of making the mortar less porous.
The top is done with white Portland and sand using a sand float finish.
We embedded two dollar coins for a time capsule.
Pebble mix is thrown on.
We used weep grounds at the bottom for drainage.
We re-did the front entrance walls also.

This chimney belongs to Bernard Shaw, the anchor
on CNN news up until 2001.

If you watched TV news in the 1980's and 90's I'm sure you remember Bernard Shaw.