Jobs in progress-updated May. 6, 2011
                                               Over 12 years of jobs in progress, update # 117 !

Stucco replaced
Capitol Hill area
Washington, DC

                  historic stucco replacemaent
                color cement stucco Washington, DC
This would make a good backdrop for a creepy science fiction movie.
Old stucco is falling off and needs to be replaced.
Battleship grey paint adds to the gloomy ambiance.
Look any better ? Finish is REAL Portland cement and
REAL sand. Color is "Santa Fe" from La Habra stucco.
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Synthetic "stucco" replaced
on Toll Brothers house
Herndon, Virginia

                  stucco installation
 One coat
                stucco on chimney                                                                    
Seven year old synthetic stucco finish is peeling off this Toll Brothers house. This is the stuff Toll
Brothers claims is real stucco.
Cement base coat is 1/4" thick, which is standard
for cheap synthetic "one coat stucco" applications.
Our standard thickness is 3/4". Deteriorated base coat is easily scraped off with my finger.
Toll brothers fake stucco

Water infiltration from above runs out of
Chimney shoulder is badly dilapidated.
This is typical of all the houses in this  7 year old neighborhood.

Chimneys usually fail for four main reasons:
1. Inadequate or deteriorated cap
2. Flashing at roof line poorly done or non-existent
3. Shoulder too porous
4.Lack of drip edge around the cap. (the band at the top).

Patch and Match

                  ceiling replacement arlington, va

                  ceiling in Virginia
                repaired in Washington, DC
ABOVE: Plaster ceiling replaced the same
day using moulding plaster and lime in Arlington, Virginia.

LEFT: Pebble dash stucco repaired:


        Scott's house
Great Falls, Virginia

Traditional stucco house
                resurfaced in Great Falls, Virginia

What a cool looking house. We coated the stucco
we did 19 years ago to make it look new again.
Here, we're applying a thin bonding coat
before the new white finish coat.
For more on chemical bonders, Please More....

Stucco addition in
Alexandria, VA
Stucco addition in Alexandria, VA
Self furring
              metal lath on stucco addition                                                           
Here's a big addition on old stucco house
Two layers of tar paper and self-furring metal lath is put on using a coil nailer and roofing
nails. Please check back to see the finished product.