Patch on tudor style house

"kick-out" flashing new lath and a scratch and brown coat
Arrows show "kick-out" flashing tucked
under the step flashing on the roof to
divert water into the gutter.
A small piece of sheet metal would have
saved this wall. Here, we chopped the stucco back to tuck the kick-out under the step
A wall panel torn off and new sheathing, (plywood), and new tarpaper applied.
Later, new lath and a scratch and brown coat are applied.
Tennis ball Finish mortar
Tennis ball is wrapped with a shirt to the thickness of the crater. Finish mortar is put on heavy and squished
with the tennis ball and shirt. I ended up
sacrificing my shirt to the shirt god.
Tudor style house Tudor style houses have an interesting
aesthetic and structural composite 
that has been popular for centuries.