Stucco addition on this circa 1925 house in Takoma Park, MD

Dash on finish white lime and river sand finish coat
Dash on finish on the addition (above) matches the old finish on the money. The color doesn't match, but at least the method does. The old finish was a mixture of white lime and river sand. The original house has never been painted.
finish coat finish coat finish coat
Tearing off the Tyvek, preparing to put on tar paper. We leave the area behind the window molding and overlap with tar paper. Weep screed is made for this situation. The top flange of the weep covers the joint between the wood framing and the concrete slab, preventing water from entering the house. The weep holes on the screed drain water that may enter the stucco. Here, the flange on the weep is overlapped with tarpaper for good water protection. There is a gap between the bottom of the weep and the grade for good drainage.
finish coat finish coat
Heaters allow us to make our own weather.
We work outside all winter.
Another addition finished, taking off the tape and plastic.