Dulin Methodist Church
Inside renovation
Falls Church, VA

finish plaster and gothic arches Gothic arches
Sand finish plaster and gothic arches add
an old and solid decorative effect on this
Gothic arches were used throughout. We
plastered over the old walls and the new
drywall. I'm glad we didn't have to do the ceiling.
gothic arches chemical bonding agent
Another view, showing more gothic arches. Walls are first painted with a chemical bonding agent. We used Euco Weld and
Plaster Bonder from US Gypsum.
veneer plaster basecoat finish coat
The next step was to put on a thin coat of
veneer plaster basecoat. It is made to go 
on thin, but still is very durable, providing 
a good surface for the finish plaster.
           Applying finish coat. 
sand finish Keene's cement, lime
The finish coat is a sand finish. Please click on the picture for a close up. I made a sample first that the church building commitee approved.
I wanted a finish that was sandy, but not real swirly. They liked it, too.
The finish plaster was Keene's cement, lime and sandblasting sand. Keene's cement was used because it sets slow, allowing large areas to be done at a time. The side benefit is Keene's is extremely hard, providing a durable surface, even for a thin layer