Exposed aggregate stucco addition
in Arlington, VA

A close up of the old wall sample panel
A close up of the old wall. A sample panel is made and approved.
brown coat screened through metal lath
Juan C. rods off the brown coat.
The walls must be dead straight for the 
finish to work. 
If there are hollow areas in the brown coat,
the rocks will embed too far in the finish coat,
causing a "bald" appearance.
Any humps, the rocks protrude too far, creating a "hairy" appearance.
These irregularities can be seen from a distance.
Rocks screened through metal lath.
The metal lath turned out to be the exact screen size for the rocks.
Finished addition rocks are thrown into the finish mortar
Finished addition, view from the back.
Our work matched the old stucco "on the money".
The rocks are thrown into the finish mortar,
and patted down with a scrap 2 x 4.