Concrete steps recoated
Chevy Chase, MD

Badly spalled steps colored with blue paint colorant
Badly spalled steps repaired and recoated to better than new. Spalled areas filled with portland cement, sand, and acrylic additives. The old paint is removed with an grinder.
Later, a coat of acrylic modified mortar put on steps.
Finish coat is white portland and number 3 (coarse) Q-rok (silica sand) colored with blue
paint colorant. The Q-rok adds a limestone like
effect. I did these steps for about one fourth the
cost of replacing the concrete, and did a unique
finish as well. 
large patch work large patch work
old bands and widow infills Kitchen addition and house remodel required a lot of  large patch work. 

Top left: scratch coat on metal lath.
Tyvek torn off, tarpaper on.

Above: Finished product showing stucco bands.
Circa 1917? house had been re-dashed with a

Left: old bands and widow infills from a past remodel re-done.