lath and plaster ceiling replaced
Washington, DC

lath and plaster ceiling .scaffold
 New metal lath applied. A view of our scaffold.
plaster jacks Brown coat troweled on and rodded off
Scaffold is supported by these plaster jacks. If you have visited my site before, you may have seen some of my plaster jacks. They're older
than I am.
Brown coat troweled on and rodded off.
gypsum plaster and sand moldings
All we use is gypsum plaster and sand for
our brown coat. It is a lot stronger than lightweight aggregate plaster such as structolite or gypsum plaster and perlite.
United States Gypsum says lightweight aggregates aren't recommended for metal lath, so why do it?
Moldings were chipped up by the damage, Here, moldings are filled and restored.