Additions and remodel for Morris-Day

flashing tudor members
flashing tudor members
A view of the flashing over the horizontal trim.
Stucco is porous, when water runs downhill
(as always), it hits the flashing and is deflected

outward and not behind the trim.
Flashing is then overlapped with tar paper and metal lath. Even though this project has plastic (I mean PVC), flashing is important.
Even if the trim doesn't rot, what the trim is nailed to will rot if exposed to water infiltration.
self ing lath
braown coat
Taping off this PVC trim turned out to be a
waste of time. Mortar scrapes off the trim easily.
Stone work and roofs are covered up well with plastic.
Old texture
new texture
A close up of the old texture.
Texture matches on the money.
sieve to screen gravel
Rocks are screened with a home-made sieve
to the right size.
A custom screen size is made by using 2 layers of metal lath, tied crossways.
finished wall
kitchen side
The finish coat is done in two steps, first,
a scratch coat of white Portland and sand
is put on and floated. Then a mix of white
Portland and our screened rocks are dashed
on. A cheap stiff broom from the dollar
store worked perfectly for this.
A view of the kitchen addition.