Jobs in progress-updated February 3, 2009
                10th anniversary of jobs in progress, update # 104 !

A big color stucco house in McLean, Virginia

Stucco house in McLean, VA
Stucco Window sills    Finish color is REAL portland cement and REAL sand, and not the toxic fake stuff you see on so many new houses. Color is a custom color from Expo stucco in San Diego. LEFT: Window sills are my design and are functional. Note how sill slants at top for water run-off and slants at bottom for a drip edge. The angle at the bottom prevents water from running back to the wall, extending the life of the wall and avoiding water infiltration.

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Stucco addition
in Bethesda, MD
BS & T  builders

Stucco addition in Bethesda, MD Back of this attractive addition.
Stucco walls are boken into panels using aluminum trim with a factory baked-on color. Finish coat is our secret recipe of portland cement and sand.
Color is # 16, "silver grey", from La Habra Stucco.
Stucco addition in Bethesda, MD
The problem with remodeling is that there are always trees in the way of my pictures. A view of the side and front show the stone stair tower and the prairie style roof.

Old stucco townhouse
Washington, DC

townhouse in Northeast Washington Sloppy looking old stucco (parging)
is stripped off to be replaced on this circa
1912 townhouse in Northeast Washington. Please check back later for more details.
horseshoe club This sign is too much.
It says:
Horse shoe
Ezzy's five club
N.E. Washington D.C. There was a horseshoe club that
played on this vacant lot a couple of times.

Stucco addition
Falls Church, VA

Stucco addition Falls Church, VA Stucco addition Falls Church, VA
Stucco addition Falls Church, VA TOP LEFT: Heat tent allows work to proceed in 20 degree weather. This is how we work outside in cold weather.

TOP: Brick sills are coated and trued up by forming with straight lumber and filling in.

LEFT: Decorative lintels over windows are made by forming with one by fours and filling in with mortar. After forms are removed,we have a bullet proof lintel ready for the finish. Color will be "Oatmeal" from Merlex stucco.