Jobs in progress-updated November 10, 2009
               Almost 11 years of jobs in progress, update # 108 !

EIFS garbage torn off,
replaced with stucco.

EIFS off, traditional stucco on Stucco arch
Front of finished house shows a dark color Mexico style wainscot, and  "vigas", or exposed beams over the front entrance. 
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Cool front door is shown off with this canted stucco arch. Decorative band accents the color differences.
Color is from Expo stucco in San Diego.
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How to remove EIFS EIFS installation removed
A garden spade is the tool of choice to remove EIFS.
Flimsy foam is easily peeled of like an orange.
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EIFS garbage peeled off.
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Pebble dash kings
repair stucco in
Takoma Park, Maryland.

Stucco chimney before stucco chimney after
BEFORE:  Old stucco above chimney is badly deteriorated due to failed terracotta cap. Below roof line failure is due to leaking flashing. We redid the flashing and the cap. Top of chimney (cap) is done in white portland cement with a float finish. This allows for better water run-off. Note my George Washington dollar coin embedded in the top. All our chimneys have coins for time capsules.
Pebble dash stucco Pediment over porch is replaced with new pebble dash stucco.
Stucco before Stucco after
Old circa 1917 stucco on terra cotta tile has seen better days. Stucco torn off and redone. We used an acrylic bonder in the mortar to make sure this stucco will never fall off.

Stucco addition in
Purcellville, Virginia

Three coat stucco addition Stucco expansion joints
Modern addition on this old historic house has a REAL portland cement and sand finish. Color is a custom color from Expo stucco in San Diego. Joints are made using a concrete groover. If you are a long time reader, you probably already know I hate expansion joints. If someone insists, I have to put them in. Our joints we make with a concrete groover
look so much better than the metal joints. Also the metal joints tend to be water funnels, particularly the vertical ones.
Traditional stucco Decorative band is made by grooves.

Andrea's Stable
Marshall, Virginia

Horse stall Wash stall finished
Wash stall is an area to wash horses. Lath and cement stucco provide the durability and water resistence needed. Color is number 12, "chablis", from La Habra stucco.

Please recycle

Please recycle We recycle our scrap metal lath, and any other
metal we find on our job sites. Here, we are recycling pallets at the recycling facility in Prince William county. A lot of pallets are used in construction and it is sad to see them pitched into the landfill. If you have pallets leftover, bring them to my job and I'll recycle  them for you.