Jobs in progress-updated January 23, 2000

St. John's Episcopal Church
McLean, Virginia

balcony-Resurfaced with new plaster Finished balcony-
Resurfaced with new plaster
to look
like new.

              bonding agent
brown coat
              the ceiling with imperial basecoat
Ceiling is first painted with Euco Weld-
a chemical bonding agent.
We then brown coat the ceiling with imperial basecoat- a super hard basecoat plaster made to put on thin.
Later, ceiling is white-coated and troweled 
              trowels on basecoat Carlos trowels on basecoat.

More sanctuary ceiling

              sanctuary ceiling Old ceiling
              is tied up with heavy gauge wire
Finished sanctuary ceiling. Old ceiling is tied up with heavy gauge wire.
metal lath
              and Gypsum plaster imperial
              basecoat plaster
Loose areas are knocked out and filled
with new metal lath, gypsum plaster
with sand.
Ceiling is coated with imperial
basecoat plaster before finish coat is applied.

Outside stucco

              stucco finished suspended
              lath and stucco ceiling
Outside stucco finished (just about). New entrance showing suspended lath and  stucco ceiling.