Jobs in progress-updated May 11, 2000

Stucco addition
Falls Church, Virginia

stucco addition in Falls Church Spanish texture with
colored portland cement
We stuccoed this addition in Falls Church to match the addition we did
5 years ago.
Finish is a Spanish texture with
colored portland cement. We have
cut way back on cracks by using chemical additives in the finish.

Bruce's house
Washington, DC

We stuccoed this house Finish is half coarse and half fine sand
We stuccoed this house in 1988
and did the retaining walls in 1992.
We're back to stucco the porch.
Finish is half coarse and half fine
sand-Color is a natural color
using yellow and white sand.
The finish is a rough float finish.

Marlene's House
Next door to Bruce

stucco addition I matched the existing texture
We stuccoed this addition in 1991-
The existing house is to the left of
the gutter pipe
I don't what to call this-
I matched the existing texture.

Stucco addition for Beauchain Builders
in Great Falls, Virginia

New addition on an old hous Finish is troweled smooth
New addition on an old house-
Our main source of work
Finish is troweled smooth with rocks and swirls-I matched the old pretty good

Patch and match

A scallop texture A scallop texture on an old house.
Finish was applied first with a scratch coat then with the scallops-one by one.
The reason the stucco failed- The stucco was brought down tight to the slab. As the house settles into the ground the stucco buckles.
Note the space we left at the
bottom of the patch for future
settling, and also for drainage

Stucco over concrete

limestone color coarse float finish
Mynor trowels on the colored portland finish.
I had some choice over my finish color- I wanted to make a limestone color.
The finish coat is one third very coarse sand and 2 thirds fine sand for a nice coarse float finish.