Jobs in progress-updated April 10, 2001

Color plaster-a new dimension
Alexandria, Virginia

Plaster in 3rd floor bathroom Left:

Plaster in 3rd floor bathroom is
colored to look like a terracotta

Bottom left:

A ceramic floor tile we're trying to 


Color is pretty close
A ceramic floor tile we're trying to match Color is pretty close
white coat on  a ceiling Nice old plaster arch
Spectacular ! All four of us gang up to white coat a ceiling. Nice old plaster arch on the third floor
is preserved. We've been working on this
house off and on since January.

Historic Stucco house
Takoma Park, Maryland

the original 1918 house A close up of the finish
A mixture of white rocks and black rocks
are thrown into the brown coat, just like
the original 1918 house.
Throwing rocks is also called "hand injecting"
This is in the Takoma Park historic district.
A close up of the finish. When the
mortar cures (dries) the color of the
matrix (background) will be lighter.
A cool effect.
rock sifter
I made a rock sifter out of a Coca-Cola tray to sift the rocks to a uniform size.
Old stucco is stripped off down to the old wood lath Old stucco is stripped off down to the old wood lath leaving parts of the old scratch coat.
WAIT A MINUTE ! What is wrong here?
There is no tar paper or tyvek and the old wood lath and framing is still in excellent condition with no signs of rot.
It is common belief that without
tarpaper behind the stucco the wood will rot, like other materials such as EIFS, Wood siding, etc. do.
We put on tarpaper on before the metal lath, but here is photographic proof that stucco (that is REAL stucco) doesn't rot the wood, but protects it.

Stucco addition
Great Falls, Virginia

Stucco addition white portland and yellow sand
Stucco addition on cicra 1940 house finished, awaiting fascia boards and paint. Finish is white portland and yellow sand.