Jobs in progress-updated October 15, 2002

Circa 1918 house restuccoed

La Habra Stucco color "chablis" A close-up of the detail over the windows
The beauty of REAL stucco. House 
finished with La Habra Stucco color
A close-up of the detail over the windows.
These were made with a composite material,
wood fibers and a glue to hold them together, sort of like modern day masonite. 
I have seen this used on old buildings built around the turn of the century.  These were
original features of this circa 1918 house,
and look like precast concrete.
wing built about 1930 , repaired and restuccoed Color finish applied
new stucco additions TOP LEFT:
This wing was built about 1930 or so.
Repaired and restuccoed.
Color finish applied. Note the stucco details
on the columns.
Dramatic! Back of house showing one of the new additions. Note the details such as the sills and the bands. These were all formed  out of solid stucco.

Old pebble dash stucco replaced

old lime and sand stucco precast details
This old lime and sand stucco was a victim
of water damage over the years.
Note the interesting precast details.
House here is stripped down to the terra cotta blocks.

Alan's house
Glen Echo, Maryland

prepare bricks for stucco stairs are covered with plastic and masonite
Readers have written to ask what to do to 
prepare bricks for stucco. Nothing. I love to
stucco over brick. It sure is solid.
A view of how we cover stairs. First the
stairs are covered with plastic and masonite
is cut and taped down. This doesn't take
very long to do, and provides a safe none
slip walkway.

An historic plaster restoration
in McLean, VA

Hand split wood lath Hand split wood lath put up on an angle with hand made nails. The angled lath was used for bracing.
This 1759 house is probably the oldest standing house in the McLean area.
We are working here on rainy days.