Jobs in progress-updated January 09, 2004

Color cement stucco house
Stafford, Virginia

                creek. Tar paper
                and metal lath
Brown coat on back of
                house. Top left: 
A view of Aquia creek at sunrise. 
Top right: 
Tar paper and metal lath applied 
 Brown coat on back of house. 
The brown coat is where the wall is filled out and straightened.
outside corners metal corner beads don't
                last outside
How we do outside corners:

 Wood strips are set with a string line to the wall thickness. Wall is filled and straightened to the wood strips.
After the brown coat sets up, the strips are set square with the door opening and filled. They make a metal corner bead for this, but they don't last outside. There is a western style corner bead that seems like an excellent product, but they aren't available here. 
This is how this was done 80 years ago.
The finish texture is
                swoops swoop
Finish coat is REAL portland cement and REAL sand. Color is "French Vanilla" from La Habra stucco. The finish texture is
swoops like icing on a cake.
Carlos went ahead with a scratch coat while I did the swoops.

Stucco addition in Alexandria, Virginia
for Beauchain Builders

                is white portland,cement and white sand. Finish
                is white portland,cement and white sand.
An attractive stucco addition. Finish is white portland,cement and white sand. Side view. 

Splatter dash finish
Baltimore, MD

                failure is due to a gutter leaking over the years. Wall
                outside kitchen is replaced.
splatter dash finish TOP LEFT: Stucco torn off and replaced on this dormer. The stucco failure is due to a gutter leaking over the years. 
TOP RIGHT: Wall outside kitchen is replaced. 
A close-up of the1925 splatter dash finish that is duplicated.

Pebble dash stucco patched
Petworth area
Washington, DC

pebble dash kings Brown coat awaiting
                pebble dash
Pebble dash stucco is patched on this  circa 1898 townhouse. We're still the pebble dash kings. Brown coat awaiting pebble dash. 
I liked this cool curve on the bottom of the front porch rail.

MORE Pebble dash stucco
Washington, DC

Pebble dash counter flashing
Pebble dash stucco patched and matched. A view of the new roof showing the  counter flashing. The counter flashing is important because: 
1. It prevents water from running behind 
the roof flashing. 
2. Protects wall from water during deep snow and freezing rain. 
3. Provides relief due to movement  of the porch roof from breaking the stucco

MORE splatter dash finish
Alexandria VA

Lath and stucco torn
                off this garage welded wire lath
Lath and stucco torn off this garage. A tree fell on the roof buckling the wall. A shot of the welded wire lath and building paper, showing instructions on how to  apply the lath. The paper has no tar  and the paper and wood sheathing is still in excellent shape after 80 years. 
More photographic proof that real cement stucco protects the wood framing and sheathing. There is no caulking around the window, and the wood under the window is still in good condition.