Jobs in progress-updated March 02, 2004

Stucco replaced
Cathedral Heights area
Washington, DC

Stucco on the side wall
                and chimney replaced. chimney restucco
Stucco on the  side wall and chimney replaced.
My decorative block is placed near the top, 35 feet up to say "look at me". 
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Check out the cool design on this decorative block I made. This is my signature on this chimney restucco.
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Pretty typical of our re-stucco jobs. 
Old wall is a victim of several patches  over the years. The
chimney is badly deteriorated due to a failed cap, that is the mortar on top of the chimney. Stucco on chimneys usually fails due to deterioration of the cap or flashing,
which may be steel. 
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The original house has a bag finish, which was done with with a burlap bag.
These bag finishes were popular between about 1900 and 1940, when burlap bags were widely used. 

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Ceilings replastered
United Daughters of the Confederacy
Old Town Alexandria, VA

                replastered. Plaster
                moldings restored
Unique hollow plaster
                moldings Top left:
Ceilings replastered in this 1850's building. It is considered one of the top 3 historically significant buildings in Alexandria.
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Top right:
Plaster moldings restored to 1850's appearance.
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Pretty. Unique hollow plaster moldings.
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Peter's house
Chevy Chase area
Washington, DC

pebble dash
                work. Peter displays our pebble
dash work.

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